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Euchre Info

for newbies and those seeking to learn strategy

for Cardzmania

My regular Euchre bud and I just tried playing Euchre together on your website (10/10/17) and it was frustrating for the both of us.


Have you considered something like a ‘frequently asked questions’ page (for each of the different games you offer?) You could list some of the common things new folks to your site need to know about your set up in order to navigate your site and understand the way the table is set up in the individual games. Ie: Site FAQ (help page.) *scroll to: How do I enter the Game I wish to play?

We tried to get on the same table and partner up. We were not able to do this. We did figure out how to both go to the same table (which was not easy or obvious) but did not see a feature/ way for us to partner up. So, I X’d out of the table on your website, and X’d out of my browser. Then I reopened my browser, went to your website and it automatically brought me back to the same table I was on and to the SAME SEAT I was in. I did NOT want to be in the same seat. The point of my leaving was so I could come back and try to sit across from my friend so we could partner up. I tried this whole thing on 3 different browsers, and it was always the same result.

Another thing that happened: (After doing all the above) when I was automatically brought back to the same table and same seat at the table, I could NOT see my cards. All I saw was the BACK Side of the cards… it never showed me my cards. This happened in 2 of my browsers. I didn’t even bother trying it in my 3rd browser as I was too frustrated at this point.

Some feedback from my partner:

She’d like to see an option to boot a player from the table. Occasionally, unfortunately, you run across an abusive player and you don’t want them at your table. On Safe Harbor Games IF the three OTHER players all vote to boot that player, that person is then booted from the table. *If it’s a rated game, you don’t want to be the one to leave the table as it counts for a loss for you and your rating goes down.

When you leave a table and then come back to the can’t see your cards and the computer keeps auto-playing for you. Wouldn’t this dissuade you from coming back to your game if you can’t see your cards AND start playing them?

She would like to be able to see each person’s rating before you sit down at a table with them. Some folks only want to play with other folks with good ratings BECAUSE if they play with folks with lower ratings, and then lose to them, this brings your ratings down much more than a loss to folks with good ratings. *At least that’s the way it works on Safe Harbor Games.

She would like to see a ‘last trick’ function like SHG has. On SHG, when you click ‘last trick’ it shows the cards that all 4 players played on the LAST TRICK ONLY. *This helps you remember the cards last played if you were distracted (ie: got a phone call or something else.)

Both of us were not thrilled about the ‘clock timer’ for play… it reminded us of – the pace is so frantic on that site… it is NOT a relaxing environment for games. While playing with very slow players at my table is also frustrating, the same is true with extremely fast play. *I don’t know what the remedy is for this to be honest.

This is just our thoughts. Of course, you do what is right for you.